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St. James Orthodox Church
Kids & Teens

Dear parents,


Regular Sunday school attendance is of the utmost importance for our children and teens to fully benefit from these lessons.


*Preschool – 1st Grade (ages 3-6)

Class meets in Classroom A, immediately following Holy Communion


*Elementary, Grades 2nd – 5th  (ages 7-10)

Class meets in Classroom B, immediately following Holy Communion


**Young Teens & Tweens, Grades 6th – 9th (ages 11-14)

Class meets in Classroom A, during coffee hour

Children in the two younger classes will line up to receive Holy Communion right after the altar servers, newly illumined, etc. and then go quickly to their classrooms.

Please pray for our Sunday school program, students, and teachers.

 As always, it is a blessing to teach your children.


In Christ,

Sh. Sophia Bridges - Sunday School Director

The Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education (AODCE)

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